Lattice '99 - Abstract Submission

Please use this form to submit the abstract of your parallel session contribution to the Lattice '99 conference.

While we will also accept email with the same information, electronic submission of this web form is strongly preferred. The deadline for abstract presentation is April 30, 1999.

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Please suggest a parallel session topic for your presentation:
QCD Spectrum and Quark Masses
Matrix Elements
Heavy Quarks
Finite Temperature and Density
Topology and Confinement
Electroweak Phase Transition
Chiral Gauge Theories
Chiral Fermions
Higgs, Yukawa, SUSY
Spin Models
Gravity and Random Surfaces
Theoretical Developments
Improvement and Renormalization
Algorithms and Machines

If your submission is successful, you should promptly receive an acknowledgement by email.

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