Lattice '99 Hotel Booking Information

Important note

All reservation requests will be subject to hotel availability. If the required hotel category is fully booked, L&B Studio reserves the right to confirm the best available accommodation.


Balance is due directly to your hotel before departure. Your deposit will be deducted, less the E 7.30 reservation fee and bank charges.


In case of cancellation of reserved accommodations, the following cancellation fees will be debited to you:

Accommodation changes

Please inform L&B Studio of any changes you wish to make to your booking. Changes should not be sent directly to hotels. Changes are subject to cancellation fees in case of reduction of the number of rooms or of the number of nights previously requested.

Arrival time

Please indicate on your Booking Form your estimated time of arrival at your hotel. You can check in any time after 1.00 p.m.

Departure time

Please note that you should check out befure 11.00 a.m.

Single rooms

Please note that single rooms are available in a limited number, and they will be assigned in order of request. Once single rooms are all sold out, double rooms for single person use will be automatically assigned.

Hotel information

All hotel prices quoted are for one night, include breakfast, service, and all taxes.

All hotel rooms have private bath.

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