Parallel Session: Spin Models II

Thursday July 1st, Room B

16.40 - 17.00F.Berruto: Hadron spectrum and chiral symmetry breaking of the strongly coupled multiflavor $QCD_2$ from the Heisenberg spin chains: the large $N_c$ limit.
17.00 - 17.20C.Peterson: Folding and Design in Coarse-Grained Protein Models
17.20 - 17.40M.Weigel: Universal amplitude ratios in finite-size scaling: three-dimensional O($n$) spin models
17.40 - 18.00B.Beard: Reconciliation of Correlation Length for High-Spin Heisenberg Antiferromagnets
18.00 - 18.20J.Cox: Meron-cluster algorithms for models of strongly correlated electrons

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