Poster presented by Sedigheh Deldar

Poster Session

Topic: Topology and Confinement

Pure SU(3) potentials

Abstract: The potentials between static sources in a variety of representations: fundamental, adjoint, 6, 10, 15-symmetric, 15-antisymmetric, and 27 have been measured in pure gauge SU(3).The calculations have been done on anisotropic lattices, using an $O(a^2)$ tadpole improved action. A range of lattice spacings and volumes has been used to extrapolate to the continuum and to control finite volume effects. In addition, the potentials between static sources in various representations in SU(3) have been calculated based on the fat-center-vortices model introduced by Greensite. At intermediate distances, the results from both the numerical and model calculation are in qualitative agreement with Casimir scaling. So far no color screening has been observed even for distances as large as about 2.4 fm.

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