Poster Session

Thursday July 1st, 19.00 - 22.00

Algorithms and Machines

C.Alexandrou: Improved Multiboson Algorithm

T.Bakeyev: Dynamical fermion simulations using Slavnov's bosonic action algorithm

M.Creutz: Message Passing on the QCDSP Supercomputer

B.Gehrmann: Efficiencies and optimization of HMC algorithms in pure gauge theory

S.Kim: Lattice QCD on a Beowulf cluster

B.Pendleton: Cost of Generalised HMC Algorithms for Free Field Theory

L.Scorzato: Numerical Stochastic Perturbation Theory: the new agenda

J.Sexton: Numerical Stability of Lanczos Methods for Inner Product Calculation

A.Yamaguchi: Landau gauge fixing supported by Genetic Algorithm

Chiral Fermions

T.DeGrand: Ginsparg-Wilson Games

L.Lellouch: Chiral Symmetry Breaking in QCD with Ginsparg-Wilson Fermions

Chiral Gauge Theories

W.Bock: Lattice transcriptions of the continuum Lorentz gauge-fixing action

V.Bornyakov: Lattice chiral fermions in the background of nontrivial topology

Electroweak Phase Transition

N.Tetradis: Bubble-nucleation rates for cosmological phase transitions

Finite Temperature and Density

M.Alford: High-density QCD: the effects of strangeness

R.Aloisio: Numerical Simulations in Finite Density QCD

L.Averchenkova: Some Effects of the Anisotropy in a Simple Lattice Gauge Model at Finite Temperature

V.Petrov: Possibility of Adjoint Colored States Condensation at Finite Temperatures in Lattice QCD

P.Schmidt: Finite Temperature Meson Masses with Improved Quenched Wilson Fermions at Finite Momentum

T.Umeda: A Study of Meson Correlators at Finite Temperature

Gravity and Random Surfaces

E.Bittner: Two-dimensional quantum gravity with matter fields

S.Catteral: Reconstructing the conformal mode in simplicial gravity

H.Hagura: Dynamical Regge approach to quantum gravity

S.Oda: Introducing Dynamical Triangulations to the Type IIB Superstrings

B.Petersson: The weak-coupling limit of simplicial quantum gravity

G.Thorleifsson: Self-Avoiding Crystalline Membranes

Heavy Quarks

S.Gottlieb: Heavy-light Decay Constants with Dynamical Gauge Configurations and Wilson or Improved Valence Quark Actions

K.Ishikawa: $O(a\alpha_s)$ matching coefficients for the $\Delta B$=2 operators in the lattice static theory

Higgs, Yukawa, SUSY

G.Andronico: Mass determination from Constraint Effective Potential

E.Gabrielli: N=1 Supersymmetric Yang-Mills on the lattice at strong coupling

Improvement and Renormalization

C.Best: Wavelet-induced renormalization group for the Landau-Ginzburg model

M.Guagnelli: The non-perturbatively renormalized scalar density with Wilson quarks

M.Kurth: Renormalization of the static-light axial current

H.Matsufuru: Monte Carlo Renormalization Group analysis of QCD in two dimensional coupling space

G.Palma: 1-Loop Improved lattice Action for the Nonlinear Sigma-Model

H.Panagopoulos: Resummation of Cactus Diagrams in Lattice QCD: the Wilson and Clover Case

M.Peardon: The glueball spectrum from novel improved actions

S.Sint: Lattice QCD with Wilson fermions and a chirally twisted mass term

H.Trottier: Two-loop mass renormalizations from large beta Monte Carlo

Matrix Elements

M.Ates: Glueball Matrix Elements

T.Blum: $\epsilon^prime/epsilon$ from the lattice

P.Boyle: Renormalization of NRQCD Semileptonic Currents to order $frac{alpha_s}{M}$

N.Ishizuka: I=2 Pion Scattering Length with Wilson Fermions

W.Kuerzinger: A study of the Adler function

A.Shindler: Renormalization constants of local operators on the lattice within the Schroedinger functional scheme

J.Viehoff: A Lattice Analysis of the Axial Coupling of the Proton in full QCD

QCD Spectrum and Quark Masses

P.Boucaud: Gluon propagator, triple gluon vertex and the QCD coupling constant

T.Lippert: About the Costs of Simulating two Flavour QCD in the Deep Chiral Regime

J.Skullerud: The momentum-space quark propagator in Landau gauge

S.Tamhankar: Scale Determination Using the Static Potential with Two Dynamical Flavors

I.Wetzorke: Further Evidence for an unstable H-Dibaryon

Spin Models

O.Borisenko: Two-dimensional lattice SU(N) spin models in the low-temperature limit

P.Butera: Extensions of high-temperature expansions for O(N) scalar field models

V.Chudnovsky: Higher-Spin Cluster Algorithms: the Heisenberg and U(1) models

G.Grignani: Lattice Gauge Theories and the Heisenberg Antiferromagnetic Chain

Y.Meurice: Symmetry Breaking, Duality and Fine-Tuning in Hierarchical Spin Models

A.Pelizzola: Deriving exact results for Ising-like models from the cluster variation method

M.Pepe: Four Loop results for the 2D O(n) nonlinear sigma model with 0-loop and 1-loop Symanzik actions

B.Schlittgen: Quantum Spin Formulation of the Principal Chiral Model

H.Ying: A Study on Critical Scaling and Universality in Short-time Dynamics

M.Yurishchev: Improved Transfer-Matrix Schemes of Phenomenological Renormalization

Theoretical Developments

M.Beccaria: Some applications of the Feynman Kac formula to low dimensional fermion models

M.Berbenni-Bitsch: Equivalent of a Thouless energy in lattice QCD Dirac spectra

A.Bode: Two loop lattice expansion of the Schroedinger functional

K.Cahill: Simulations of Protein Folding

A.De: Fermion decoupling and the axial anomaly on the lattice

F.Di Renzo: Beta function, Renormalons and the Mass Term from perturbative Wilson loops.

H.Kroeger: Monte Carlo Lattice Hamiltonian

J.Lawson: New Path Integral for the Microcanonical Density Matrix

N.Ligterink: A Hamiltonian Many-Body Approach to SU(N) Lattice Gauge Theory

J.Lukkarinen: Lattice methods in microcanonical quantum statistics

T.Wettig: Random matrix theory, chiral perturbation theory, and lattice data

Topology and Confinement

S.Deldar: Pure SU(3) potentials

S.Durr: Prospects of "topologically unquenched QCD" from a study of the analogous approximation to the functional determinant in the massive Schwinger model

A.Hasenfratz: Instantons and Quarks in QCD

I.Hip: Comparing Lattice Dirac Operators with Random Matrix Theory

C.Hoelbling: Potential between external monopole and antimonopole in SU(2) lattice gluodynamics

J.Jersak: Scaling of magnetic monopoles in the pure compact QED

A.Montero: SU(3) vortex-like configurations in the maximal center gauge

T.Neuhaus: Status of pure gauge compact QED on the Lattice

R.Niclasen: The staggered Dirac operator spectrum in different topological sectors

S.Olejnik: Some Insights into the Method of Center Projection

A.Papa: Topology in CP(N-1) models: a critical comparison of different cooling techniques

C.Pena Ruano: Nahm transformation on the lattice

P.Stephenson: Gauge-invariant signals for the confinement mechanism?

H.Suganuma: Infrared Abelian Dominance and Dual Higgs Mechanism in Maximally Abelian Gauge

T.Suzuki: Recent topics of infrared effective lattice QCD

A.Veselov: Center vortex confinement as a mechanism dual to monopole confinement mechanism

R.Wensley: A different approach to the maximum Abelian gauge

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