Poster presented by Tsuneo Suzuki

Poster Session

Topic: Topology and Confinement

Recent topics of infrared effective lattice QCD

Abstract: Some topics concerning infrared effective lattice QCD are discussed. They are all derived from a block-spin transformation of monopole currents on the dual lattice. Perfect lattice action of infrared SU(3) QCD and perfect operators for the static potential are analytically given when we can assume two-point monopole interactions alone. The assumption seems to be justified from numerical analyses of pure SU(3) QCD in maximally abelian gauge. String tension and glueball masses can be evaluated analytically. The next important progress is about the gauge invariance of monopole dynamics after abelian projection. The infrared effective actions in terms of monopole currents or strings are shown theoretically to be independent of gauge choice of abelian projection, although the maximally abelian gauge alone looks good in actual numerical calculations on finite lattices. The gauge invariance of monopole condensation mechanism assures confinement of abelian neutral but color octet states after abelian projection.

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