Poster presented by He-Ping Ying

Poster Session

Topic: Spin Models

A Study on Critical Scaling and Universality in Short-time Dynamics

Abstract: We investigated numerically the critical scaling and universality of the short-time dynamics for the spin models on the two-dimensional triangle lattices[1,2]. By using Monte Carlo simulations, the short-time dynamic scaling is found, and the critical exponents $\theta, z$ and $\beta/\nu$ are estimated from the power-law behavior of the magnetizations, auto- correlations and the second magnetic moments. Our results confirmed the universality proposal by Ref.3.\par References:\par\noindent [1.] H.K. Janssen, B. Schaub and B. Schmittmann, Z. Phys. B73, 539(1989).\par\noindent [2.] B. Zheng, Int. J. Mod. Phys. B14, 1419(1998).\par\noindent [3.] K. Okano, L. Schulke, K. Yamagishi and B. Zheng,\par\noindent Nucl. Phys. B485[FS], 727(1997).

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