Poster presented by Hideo Suganuma

Poster Session

Topic: Topology and Confinement

Infrared Abelian Dominance and Dual Higgs Mechanism in Maximally Abelian Gauge

Abstract: We study infrared abelian dominance and dual Higgs mechanism in the maximally abelian (MA) gauge in the SU(2) lattice QCD. We measure the effective mass $m_{ch}$ of off-diagonal gluons in the MA gauge with the U(1) Landau gauge in the lattice QCD, and find $m_{ch}$ about 1 GeV. We speculate that this mass generation of off-diagonal gluons can be regarded as the essence of infrared abelian dominance in the MA gauge. We also report $m_{ch}$ at the finite temperature QCD. Second, we investigate the dual gluon mass in the MA gauge to get information on the dual Higgs mechanism. We find the dual gluon mass about 0.5 GeV at the large distance in the monopole part in the MA gauge. This would be an evidence of the infrared dual Higgs mechanism.

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