Lattice '99 - Tirrenia Hotel Booking Form

Please use this form to book hotel rooms in Tirrenia for the Lattice '99 conference.

Before submitting the Form, please consult the Hotel Booking Information page for important information.

Hotel rooms in Tirrenia

All prices are in Euro.

categoryroomprice per nightdeposit
4 star hotelsingle85.25 to 93.0093.00
4 star hoteldouble124.00 to 150.00150.00
4 star hotelsingle person in double88.00 to 129.10129.10
4 star hoteltriple134.30 to 160.10160.10
4 star hotel4 bed room170.50 to 186.00186.00
3 star hotelsingle51.65 to 67.1067.10
3 star hoteldouble51.65 to 82.6582.65
3 star hotelsingle person in double51.65 to 82.6582.65

Booking form

Please reserve n.
single rooms / double rooms / single persons in double room triple rooms / 4 bed rooms
in a 4 star hotel / 3 star hotel
in Tirrenia.

Arrival date:
Arrival time:
Departure date:
Number of nights:
I wish to share the room with:

Last Name:
First Name:
Mailing Address:


Accompanying Persons (please list names)

Notes (special needs etc.)

Method of payment

In order to reserve your hotel room, L&B Studio must receive the deposit for your choice of hotel and room (as detailed in the table above), plus a E 7.30 reservation fee, plus bank charges (see below). Instructions to contact L&B Studio are given in the Accommodation Information.

You can use the following methods of payment (please check one):

Bank Transfer in Euro to:
Account Number 1111/41785
in favour of L&B STUDIO Lattice 99
Bank name and address: Cassa di Risparmio, Sede Centrale, Piazza Dante 1, I-Pisa
Bank Codes: ABI: 06255, CAB: 14011, SWIFT CRPIT3P711
If payment is made by bank transfer, please add E 6.80 for bank charges.

Certified Bank Cheque in Euro to the order of:
L&B STUDIO s.n.c. (personal cheques are not accepted).
If payment is made by bank transfer, please add E 5.10 for bank charges.

If you pay by bank transfer or certified bank cheque, please forward a copy of your receipt or cheque to the FAX number +39-050-503456 using our proforma.

Credit Card: Visa / Master Card / American Express.
If payment is made by credit card, please add 5% of hotel deposit for bank charges.

We are unable to guarantee the security of our web and email sites; therefore you should not send us your credit card number over the web or by email. Credit card details should be sent to the FAX number +39-050-503456 using our proforma. Be sure to include the expiry date as well as your name and credit card number. In particular, we cannot process credit card payments without the expiry date. Faxes will be seen only by L&B Studio.

If your submission is successful, you should promptly receive an acknowledgement by email.

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